Become an Affiliate Marketer

Earn Commissions through affiliate marketing and forming successful partnership. By sharing our platform with others, you can earn profits as you build teams and collect a percentage of all fees!


How it works

Step 1 - Sign Up

Everyone can join Financial Stock Hub Affiliate Program. If you don’t have an account yet, it only takes a few minutes to create one. After logging in to your account, you will be able to obtain access to the Affiliate Dashboard and start generating referral link . Share the referral link across all your friends, family and social networks.

Step 2 - Build

Spread the word with your fellow traders or within your forex and crypto communities. Build a community of forex and crypto enthusiasts based upon the mutual relationships that exist in your network.

Step 3 - Track

The Affiliate Dashboard comes in handy when tracking your referrals performance. You can also see how much you have earned and how your referrals have been doing so far through the dashboard. No need to worry about privacy though, since all referrals will be shown in nicknames without revealing any personal information.

Step 4 - Earn

Every time your referrals invest, you will receive a percentage of their investment and margin funding fees. This happens in real-time, viewable on your Affiliate Dashboard. You make as much as 12% referral bonus on your first 20 referrals.


Level 1

12% Commissions

  • 20 Referrals required
  • £450 Monthly income

Level 2

15% Commissions

  • 50 Referrals required
  • £900 Monthly income

Level 3

20% Commissions

  • 100 Referrals required
  • £1,500 Monthly income