Brief History & Overview

In 10years, we have innovated, grown and attained the status of the preferred financial services provider for individuals, and corporations across the world, through a rich history of excellent customer service, demonstrated financial services expertise, combined with an enviable workplace culture of thoroughbred professionals. This has kept us true to our founding promise “Let’s grow wealth for you”

Financial Stock Hub is an investment plan that helps forex traders as well as interested candidates/investors to benefit. Majorly funds are generated from forex trading, otc market trading crypto trading and indices trading. The investment trades are made by highly qualified Al program and accredited professional investor who are able to analyse the market properly and tell which way the market would move. For young traders who trade with small capital it's relatively high for them to run in circles and end up blowing their accounts. Only a few have been able to grow small accounts and it's due to good mentorship which cost quite a fortune.


Registered & Authorised for Financial Services

We are not just certified to be in the business of wealth creation because when know how to. We are also certified because of our authorisation and legal backing.

Our Legal Backing says a lot about our promises and commitments. This has also gained us an insurance bond well over $5B. Clients' funds are our responsibilty and as such, we insured our Asset & Reserves.

Why choose Financial Stock Hub?

What we do is ask people to invest those small funds, which they could probably lose in trading, and those who have capital to compound profits. To invest with our AI program through our accredited professional investor. Here we make more profit because it's a summation of so many small funds built up to make a big account and then we trade this big account using big lot sizes to maximize profit. For example Benson has a small account of $100 and is trading 0.1 lot size and let's say making 50% per trade and Kelvin has $10,000 account size and trading 10.0 lot size and makes same 50% per lot size they make same percentage but Kelvin tends to have more at the end of the day. Now that's what we do. Our AI program trades to make profit and give out returns to investors in percentage to what they invested.

We are unique/different because however it may be, profits are guaranteed for investors. Don't quote us wrong, there are times our trades go wrong which is quite unlikely but it does happen. When that happens we still have funds to enter other better opportunities and make to recover our loss. So payout to investors are very sure and guaranteed.


Administrative Team

The awesome administrative executives behind Financial Stock Hub


Jamie Howe


Max Bates


Thomas Gill

Sales Representative